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IIf you’re looking for that special place where hip-hop flawlessly meets pop, then look no further than Shakur. When you first encounter Shakur the first thing you notice is her exotic beauty, but once she opens her mouth you recognize there is much more to her than just a pretty face. Of Egyptian descent, the alluring sound of the raptress is an eclectic mixture of musical genres. Shakur describes her sound as urban, euro, pop. “My sound is a good balance of hip-hop, pop, and London swag and it’s that diversity that makes it good ear candy. Every time I step into the studio, I’m going for music that has a feel good vibe with global appeal. We have seven continents in this world, so why limit yourself to just one. There are so many people out there I can reach with music, so I definitely do not want to stipulate my growth. International is where it’s at! I don’t think I sound like any female artist that’s out there now,” she explains. “It’s a new sound…it’s a new lane. I try to show my unique twist on what I do and I exemplify it in my music.”

Shakur’s seductive, sexy voice delivers timely, edgy lyrics about relationships, femininity, being true to oneself and much more. Each verse is expertly crafted over bounce-with-me beats that beckon listeners to move their heads and sing along. Shakur is truly one of a kind. An advocate of women and a friend to men, she’s the girl all the guys want to get with and the one all women want to hang with and emulate. Although, while having an international appeal, she never loses her around-the-way girl flavor. When asked what she hopes to accomplish Shakur’s goals are clear. “I want to flourish in what I do, learn from others, and create an empire. So many people fall off after a hit or two, but I want to create something substantial and use whatever status or fame I get to do something positive. I want to help people in any way I can and make a difference…whether it’s minute and miniscule, or something huge. I just want to keep the momentum going and never limit myself.”

Shakur has a single out right now entitled “Nadda Hoe” produced by Black Eyed Peas very own Will.I.Am. Acting and theatre has also been a skill and passion of Shakur’s since her earlier youth. She has studied theatre and has been trained in techniques from the greats. Such as Ivana Chubbuck, Sandy Meisner, Chekhov, Stanislavski, and Uta Hagen. She’s active in her acting classes and studies film and movies. Shakur has shot a couple of tv pilots. One of which she co-created, directed, executive produced, wrote, and starred in. She is currently working on a couple more projects, including hosting an upcoming tv show that caters to music, fashion, and media moguls. She is also reading scripts and just staying productive. In addition to music and acting, she’s an incredible model. She shot XXL Eye Candy of the Month for XXL Magazine and received great reviews and since then, has been booking shoots regularly. She shot an amazing spread in the relaunch of King Magazine and graced it with very sexy and seductive pictures and left everyone in awe. She also added her sexiness for the cover of Black Men Magazine for the 100th Issue. In addition, she shot for VIBE and the shoot spread like wildfire virally.

Shakur doesn't want to stipulate herself just working and receiving publicity in the states, so she made a cross over into the European and Spanish market and shot for the French version of VIBE and Maxim en Espanol. She's done everything from behind the cameras from a production standpoint, to everything in front of the camera, radio, and magazines. Expect to see a lot more of her.

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